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Meet Pamela Poisson
Personal Trainer at Southern Hill

Pamela’s interest in health and fitness stems from her childhood in South Florida where an active, healthy lifestyle was the norm. She participated in many different types of athletics, which cemented her love of sports and physical fitness. Pamela graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1992 and after teaching elementary school for a short time, she decided to change professions and become a personal trainer and nutritional consultant. Since 1999, Pamela has received several health and nutrition certifications including personal training, weight training, senior fitness training, nutritional consulting, group fitness instruction, rehab to fitness care and CPR/AED certification. As a lecturer and educator, Pamela has empowered numerous people to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Personal training is not just about the physical changes that happen to a client’s body. It’s a journey that has the potential to shape someone physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The results that are achieved can affect every portion of a client’s life and it’s this aspect of her job that Pamela loves the most.

Pamela is available to consult with regarding your health and fitness goals. Please contact her via phone or e-mail to set up an appointment.

Here are some fitness tips from Pamela that may help your workout!

1.  Add an intensity interval to your cardio routine such as alternating between a medium intensity for 2-3 minutes and a high intensity for 1 minute.  Continue the interval approach for your entire cardio session.
2.  Stretching is an important part of your overall health & fitness program.  Stretch after your body is warmed up and hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds without bouncing or movement.

Pamela offers a wide range of programs to help you reach your fitness goals.
Her programs include:

Single Session Training
Multiple Session Packages
One on One Workouts
Partner Training
Sport Specific Training
In-Home Training
Customize Your Own Program

 PILATES (With or Without Weights)
Come join this dynamic class to burn calories, refocus your mind and shape your body. If you want to increase your strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration, this class will deliver.

Light dumbbells, resistance bands, core & abdominal work and body weight training are all utilized to sculpt and define your body while burning calories and having fun! You will interval between a low-impact cardio routine and full body resistance training. Finish the class on the mat to work the core through abdominal exercises and light Pilates.

This is a new concept class that will utilize weight bearing movements, cardiovascular drills, body weight exercises and flexibility poses. Every movement, every drill, every pose will be done for two minutes! If you want to challenge your body in a completely different way, join Pamela for this exciting new class!

Sizzling Latin beats and fun steps are what this class is all about. We will move to the music to get your heart rate pumping and throw in resistance training for an all-around great workout that is muy caliente!

Mixing and matching is the name of the game in 20/20/20. Each 20 minute segment of this class will be something different such as aerobic routines, weight bearing exercises, stretching, core & abdominal strengthening or Pilates/Yoga. A little bit of everything for a terrific workout!
We are bringing the effectiveness of interval training to our group fitness training.  This class incorporates a low impact aerobic routine with intervals of weight bearing exercises, abdominal training, cardio movements and sports specific drills.  Come burn calories, challenge your body and have a blast!

We countdown from 10 to 1 for a total body blast.  Each block of time is a different type of workout.  It may be cardio for 10 minutes, then legs for 9.  It could be core for 7 minutes, then arms for 6.  Whatever the challenge, countdown is a fantastic workout that will help you reach your fitness goals.

This class will focus on linking stationary and flowing poses with your breath.  She will include breathing and centering techniques and yoga postures that will build strength, endurance and flexibility. Each pose or Asana will be explained or demonstrated at multiple skill levels for proper and safe alignment. The class will end with deep stretching and relaxation exercises to complete your practice and enhance your overall physical health and mindful well-being.


Member Equipment Orientation
Pamela is offering all members of Southern Hills Plantation Fitness Center one complimentary equipment orientation session. Your 45-minute session will teach you how to properly and safely use the equipment in the fitness center. If you are interested, please contact Pamela to schedule an appointment.

Personal Training
Personal training is a great way to elevate your training to the next level, learn new things, challenge your body and mind and get results! If you would like more information, pick up a brochure at the spa desk, in the fitness center or contact Pamela directly.

To schedule an appointment please contact Pamela.


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